We at Paul Hakimata Photography are always in need of new models.

-- No experience necessary, we'll guide you --

So far we had great success working with models who are new as well as models who are experienced in the industry. Every model that comes and work with us is treated with the utmost respect and we provide a fun and relaxed environment as well as guidance/training for those who like to learn more in this industry. As a model you don't need to be tall or skinny. You do not have to be young. Older people are very welcome. A great smile is much more important. It's also important that you are willing to learn.

What will you get out of it:
You will get great photographs for your portfolio, your photographs will get international exposure and we will provide great references.

We need models of all ages, and from all walks of life:
           Kids (toddlers - early teens)
           Young Adults
           Adults (30+)
   Professionals - for on location shoots
           Police, Fire department, Healthcare, Welders, Contractors, etc.
           Teachers + Class
   Groups (2+)
           Families (parents + kids)
           Couples (Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Same-sex Partners, Husband/Wife)
           Sports Teams

How to apply:
In order to become our model you will need do the following:
Send us a few photos or a link to your web page. To give yourself the best chance of success, be sure to follow this set of advices:
- Submitted photos should be sharp and in focus so we can see your face well. We have to be able to see your face from the front and from the side, and also one of you smiling. Also submit a full body shot (this does not mean that you have to be wearing underwear or a bikini - just normal clothes is fine).
- Tell us about yourself, your age, where you are from, and what talents/hobbies (like sports, dancing, cooking, etc.) you have, and your experience in the field of photography, videography, and/or acting.
- Please send your submission to modeling@hakimata.com.

** All our models must sign an international model release **

A model release is a formal agreement between the model and the photographer about the usage of the images where the model appears.
When a model signs a model release he or she acknowledges that images with him/her in them will be used for commercial purposes around the world. The images cannot be used for just anything, and the agencies that sell images, known as stock agencies, have a long set of "user rights and restrictions" that * protect the model * and the photographer from abusive usage of the material. The restrictions are very tight, so abusive usage almost never happens.
Most professional or international models have signed model releases many times, but for new models this aspect can feel a little uncertain. When you are asked to sign a model release, take your time to read it through and ask any questions you may have to the photographer on the set. Even though the model release is written in a very formal language, try to remember that basically this is just a contract that formally allows the photographer to use the photographs he is taking of you.
Please see here a [pdf of our release].

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